EVHfilter – reactor WWTPs

EVHfilter – reactor WWTP / water treatment plant

  • fully automatic plant for continuous industrial wastewater treatment after its suitable chemical treatment, for treatment of biologically purified waste water (tertiary rate) or, raw water treatment plant (after completing with disinfection)
  • there are not needed several reactors, tanks, pumping ... because in a single reactor a pH-regulation / neutralization, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, and a two-stage filtration (sludge bed / filter layer) are integrated
  • integrated functions mean significant savings in the built-in area,  and a progressive intelligent process control (a remote process control and management is possible)
  • suitable for the treatment of waste water containing heavy metals, dyes, adhesives, with a lower fat content and oils of plant and animal origins, or of oils based on petroleum hydrocarbons and the like, in which  the flotation device would be less efficient
  • suitable for cleaning industrial waste waters from surface treatment of metals and plastics, plating plants, neutralization stations, de-emulgation stations, filling stations, waterworks in aquaparks, waters from some food factories, textile factories, glass manufacturers, paper mills, and for other industrial branches
  • suitable for waters from washing of machinery lines, vehicles of all kinds, tanks, agricultural machinery, road and building mechanisms, etc.
  • made of the high-grade stainless steel, or of the standard steel with paint if necessary or, in justified cases, of highly resistant polypropylene
  • supplied in a capacity line covering 6 different capacities ranging from 1 m3/h to 50 m3/
  • the higher capacity is achieved by a combination of several reactors with a common service area, and with peripheral devices (chemical and sludge management)
  • the electrical distributor of its own, controlling the entire line operation (pumping, the accumulation tank level, flow, chemical management, drainage system, filtration layer regeneration, effluent pH control, etc.) is part of the EVHfilter delivery
  • delivery of the line with a remote control of the whole process is possible on request
  • we work out a proposal of the necessary capacity, complete technology, an authorized project documentation for all approval levels, a complete delivery and assembly, a guarantee test, technical and operational documentation, a professional supervision, and advice