EVHkalos – static sludge dewatering

EVHkalos - tilting drainage containers for static sludge dewatering

  • simple devices for the static drainage of sludge of different origin and sorts (chemical sludge, flotation sludge, excess activated sludge, fine suspensions ...)
  • suitable for sludge-less plants, in which the sludge dewatering is uneconomical, technologically questionable (usually up to 8-12 m3/d)
  • the containers are usually designed for the interior of a WWTP building, or for another suitable indoor object; in rare cases, external installation is possible
  • we adjust the metal tilting container of any available size with a solid perforated metal body (usually made of stainless steel), and with a filter box made of solid nonwoven plastic fabric with a different separation capacity (choice according to the sludge type and quality)
  • for most sludge, the plastic filter pad can be used several times after cleaning
  • the sludge is pumped into the container by a suitable sludge pump, but it is also possible to carry out the gravity flow of the sludge as well as the output of the filtrate (usually into the factory sewer)
  • the unit is applicable to sludge or sludge mixtures with a temperature of up to 60 °C,  and in a wide range of pH
  • we carry out an application test, a design of the necessary dewatering capacity, a design of the material and density of the inserted plastic filter, and a design of the filter cleaning
  • a complete installation (input and output connection), a guarantee test, documentation, spare filter inserts, and a professional supervision are part of the EVHkalos delivery