(the unmarked country is Slovakia)


IWWTPs with the flotation line EVHflot  (project, delivery, implementation)
•     Vilniaus Paukstynas, Vilnius (Lithuania) - the poultry plant
•     Huhtamaki CR, Přibyslavice (Czechia) - the paper mill
•     Milkpol, Czemacin (Poland) - the milk processing plant
•     BaS, Zvolenská Slatina - the cheese and sheep cheese factory
•     HSH, Veľké Zálužie - the poultry plant
•     Lindström, Trnava - the industrial laundry
•     Stryj (Ukraine) - the slaughterhouse and meat packing
•     Sárvári HUKE (Hungary) - plastic recyclic plant

•     EU Poultry, Horné Saliby - the poultry plant

(2xEVHflot12 + sludge management)
(2xEVHflot12 covered)
(EVHflot3 + sludge management)
(EVHflot3 + sludge management)
(container arrangement EVHflot1 + rotary screen
+ complete chemical management)
(EVHflot2 + rotary screen + complete chemical management)

IWWTPs with the EVHfilter coagulation reactor (project, delivery, implementation)
•     KLAUKE Slovakia, Dolný Kubín - the galvanizing factory
•     Jovaigé, Vydmantai (Lithuania) - the red beet processing plant      
•     CHIRANA-PREMA-Energetika, Stará Turá - the neutralization station  
•     ČEZ, Chvaletice (Czechia) - the power plant
•     ČSAD, Praha-Tišnov (Czechia) - transport services
•     IWWTP Veverské Knínice (Czechia) - for VHZ-DIS Company
•     Saint-Gobain Vertex, Hodonice (Czechia) - the glass manufacturer      
•     Lahvárna I., Ostrava-Vítkovice (Czechia) - washing of steel bottles      
•     Lahvárna II., Ostrava-Vítkovice (Czechia) - washing of steel bottles      
•     ČEPRO, Klobouky u Brna (Czechia) - the fuel distributor
•     ČEPRO, Smyslov (Czechia) - the fuel distributor
•     Preciosa, Jablonné (Czechia) - the glass manufacturer
•     WWTP Podivín (Czechia) – the tertiary stage
•     for the Láník Co., Boskovice (Czechia) - the ceramic filters factory      
•     Aquapark Prague-Čestlice – for the Pecha Company (Czechia)  

(EVHfilter1 + sludge management)
(EVHfilter1PP + sludge management)
(EVHfilter5 + washing machine line)
(EVHfilter2 + washing line)
(EVHfilter3 + sorbtion filters)
(EVHfilter5 – waters from washing of sand filters)

Other IWWTP and bioWWTP technologies – a greater capacity
•     Town of Topoľčianky – project documentation, delivery and realization of the municipal WWTP technology change
•     Mineral Waters, Prešov - Baldovce Works – complete bioWWTP AT750 + sludge management
•     Liptov Food Society, Ružomberok – rotary screen for separation of potato peels from waste water
•     Brewery Urpín, Banská Bystrica – delivery and realization of continual neutralization of process waters
•     Industrial Park, Kechnec – reactor for water treatment with integrated lamellae + lamella sedimentation tank
•     Neutralization Station DNV, Dubnica nad Váhom – project and delivery of sludge management (decanter)
•     Mineral waters, Prešov - Lipovce Works – reconstruction of the bioWWTP secondary sedimentation tank
•     A+Z, Veľké Úľany - the canning factory – delivery and realization of the rotary screen and lamella sedimentation tank for the irrigation system
•     Vinárske závody Topoľčianky - the winery – delivery and realization of two-stage pretreatment of process waters
•     Ryba, Bratislava - fish processing – project and delivery of ultrafiltration technology (recycling of used fish pickles)
•     BATAS, Bratislava - the heating plant – part of project documentation and delivery of waste water treatment technology from the ionchange regeneration
•     Asavet, Biřkov (Czechia) - the rendering plant – delivery and realization of intensification IWWTP + operating manual
•     ASAP, Věž (Czechia) - the rendering plant – project, delivery and realization of the IWWTP intensification + operating manual
•     Smurfit Kappa Obaly Štúrovo - the paper mill – reconstruction of sludge management (lamella dewatering press)
•     slaughterhouse Nourus-Mäso Tešedíkovo - repasation of flotator unit, complete chemical management and sludge dewatering (lamellar dewatering press)

EVHdeo Deodorization units
•     Municipal WWTP, Bratislava-Devínska Nová Ves
•     Bioplyn Budča – biogas plant
•     Municipal WWTP, Kokšov-Bakša
•     BioWWTP Veverské Knínice (Czechia) – for the VHSplus Company
•     BioWWTP České Budějovice (Czechia) – for the Spilka+Říha Company
•     Delimax, Hodonín (Czechia) - the fish processing works – installation on the roof
•     Municipal WWTP (60,000 PE), Náměšť nad Oslavou (Czechia) – for the Outulný Company
•     BioWWTP Stod and BioWWTP Dobřany, (Czechia) – for the Kunst Company
•     Municipal WWTP Moravský Krumlov (Czechia) – for the Hakov Company   
•     Břeclav and Mošnov (both Czechia) – WWTP mechanical pretreatment        


(EVHdeo + airwashing machine)
(EVHdeo + airwashing machine)

Other smaller technologies for IWWTPs and BioWWTPs
•     Tatrachema, Trnava - the housing chemistry manufacturer – delivery and realization of discontinual reactor EVHrea3 and the EVHkalos sludge management
•     Nafta Gbely Laboratory, Plavecký Štvrtok (for Ekotrade Martin) – the IWWTP (EVHrea0,5) project and delivery  
•     FoxAuto Trade, Stará Turá - the carwash – delivery and realization of a smaller IWWTP
•    CWS-boco Service Center SK, Bratislava-Devínska Nová Ves - the industrial laundry – neutralization of waste waters
•    Vitis Pezinok - the winery – realization of waste water accumulation + operation manual for the sewage system
•     I.D.C. Holding-Figaro, Trnava - the chocolate factory - project and realization of IWWTP technology (Krofta DAF-unit)
•     Maroš, Trenčín - the meat-processing plant – project and realization of IWWTP technology (Krofta DAF-unit)
•     Municipal WWTP Sabinov – fully automatic flocculation station (for the Arad SK Company)
•     Municipal WWTP Hamuliakovo – delivery and assembly of machinery for secondary sedimentation tank    
•     Bonatrans, Bohumín (Czechia) - the rail vehicle manufacturer – delivery of a dewatering set  
•     Municipal WWTP, Velehrad (Czechia) – delivery and machinery assembly for the secondary sedimentation tank
•     BioWWTP, Moravské Budějovice (Czechia) – for the VHZ-DIS Company – delivery of tank machinery equipment
•     Municipal WWTP, Veľké Zálužie – delivery of chemical management plus measurement and control
•     VAS, Mojšova Lúčka - the rendering plant – completion and assembly of the Bioflot DAF-unit
•     Jasplastik Slovakia, Nitra – sand removing of the well water – lamella sedimentation tank
•     Pumpkin & P, Lehota – delivery of the EVHflok140/11 rapid mixer (piping flocculator)

Project documentation (various degrees of PDs)
•     Tamilk, Trnava - the milk processing plant – IWWTP technology PD (Krofta DAF-unit)    
•     Nourus-Mäso, Tešedíkovo - the slaughterhouse – PD for construction proceeding (EVHflot3 + bioWWTP + sludge management)
•     Cimbaľak, Kurima - the slaughterhouse – PD IWWTP (EVHflot1) + bioWWTP + sludge management
•     Mozyr (Belarus) - the milk processing plant – technology for PD IWWTP (EVHflot12 + sludge management)
•     Municipal WWTP, Čachtice – PD for the complete reconstruction and intensification of WWTP, and sludge management
•     Slovnaft, Považská Bystrica-Orlové - the fuel station and carwash (for the Portik Company) – Ph-ChWWTP PD
•     Chemosvit Folie, Svit - the foil  manufacturer (for Ekoservis SK Company) – part of the PD Ph-ChWWTP – waste water from surface treatment of plastics
•     Sladovna, Hodonice (Czechia) - the malt house – sewage system operations manual and IWWTP
•     Spolchemie, Pardubice (Czechia) - chemical production – for the Cheming Company – IWWTP PD
•     WWTPs Paseky, Jevišovice, Lednice, Jilemnice (Czechia) – realization PD of the WWTPs machinery
•     WWTP Břeclav and WWTP Strážnice (both Czechia) - for the JVprojekt Company - realization PD of WWTP machinery and technology
•     Vegum Dolné Vestenice, and the village of Mojmírovce - projects for the direct application of stabilized activated sludge on the soil 
•     CHIRAGAL Stará Turá - galvanizing plant - project documentation for approval process Ph-Ch WWTP (Rebeka 05)
•     CH-PRINT Stará Turá - production of printed wiring boards - project documentation for approval process Ph-Ch WWTP (Rebeka 05)

Small recycling Ph-Ch WWTP Rebeka
→ about 1,700 implementations altogether in many countries all over the world (mostly in carwashes and carservices)